Prosecutorial Misconduct and Accountability


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First Assistant U.S. Attorney Jan Mann Brooklyn District Attorney's Office Alabama Ken Thompson Fayette County Assistant U.S. Attorney Sal Perricone Hawaii Michigan Michael Rimmer Maricopa County Witness tampering Missouri Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich Unnamed prosecutors Riverside County Tennessee Kentucky Dale Cox U.S. Attorney Indiana Williamson County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas New York Prosecutorial discretion Federal Prosecutor Anthony Graves Florida Harry Connick Attorney General Illinois False confession New Orleans Death Penalty Louisiana Kenny Hulshof Shelby County Prosecutor Thomas Henderson U.S. Attorney Jim Letten Jefferson County Ninth Circuit Ohio Louis Scarcella Improper introduction of evidence improper vouching Evidence tampering California Caddo Parish Clark County Mark Woodworth Bar Complaint North Carolina Charles Sebesta Ken Anderson False evidence Shelby County Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery State Attorney Angela Corey Pennsylvania Racial bias Assistant District Attorney Michael Vecchione Texas Harris County Virginia Washington Delaware Oregon Justin Wolfe New Mexico Radley Balko Connecticut Failure to report U.S. Supreme Court Improper argument jailhouse informant Improper communication Colorado Oklahoma Massachusetts Elections Taos County Failure to disclose Arizona Jabbar Collins Prosecutorial abuse of power Debra Milke Improper media Michael Morton Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro Research Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office Orleans Parish Orange County Pierce County Brooklyn Civil lawsuit state bar Charles Hynes California Attorney General Kamala Harris South Carolina Legislation Disbarment